Teracopy to support multi-threading when copying/verifying

Subhi S Hashwa 2 years ago updated by stephane simonetti 2 weeks ago 6

I suggest that Teracopy supports multithreading. As you know when copying small files multithreading support will speed things up instead of serial copy.

Under review

TeraCopy for Linux

O_O 2 years ago updated by Peteris 7 months ago 9
Under review

Write to multiple targets

areef rakhangi 2 years ago updated by Peteris 7 months ago 5

I want to know if there can be a product which will replicate a set of chosen files across multiple usb or location at one click. Projects engineering, video and data contained on a usb need to be sent out to multiple people. Copying them over and over is slow. Also if copying starts at one time the file neednot be read again and again from the source location and can be picked from memory. Multiwrite can a good name


TeraCopy for Mac OS X

scott.blacknell 2 years ago updated by MADAMJAN 7 months ago 13

Second progress bar

Code Sector 2 years ago updated by Martin 7 months ago 7

Rename while copying

Doum3000 1 year ago 0

Rename the destination filename while copying or in queue


if 2 files are the same in name date size etc. - then VERIFY via HASH and alert that there is a different - or else, automatically rename the files that was to be moved/copied into a folder so that user can see both versions

m2554119 2 years ago updated by Lucille F. Parham 12 months ago 1

Very important. I've deleted alot of files thinking that they were the same hash - but the program was instead not copying/movign the file at all


Rate limiting feature

enziovdiest+teracopy 2 years ago updated by Adam Schule 1 year ago 5


Please consider the idea of adding a rate limiting feature. This is especially helpful over mapped network drives.



Retry skipped/failed files

Alwyn 9 months ago updated by Code Sector yesterday at 8:54 a.m. 2

in a hurry if we skip large files then there should be add an option to recopy skipped filesa


GUI Dark / Light option or obey Windows Colour settings

anon 2 years ago updated by Code Sector yesterday at 8:55 a.m. 5

Please make sure GUI elements are always visible. I find Windows 10 and TeraCopy 3.26 (current stable) gives me unreadable text sometimes (Font colour = background colour). Eg on the File List Tab I cannot read "AutoScroll" checkbox label when I have high contrast colours enabled on the OS. Or offer a preference for GUI appearance eg Light / Dark. Thank you.