TeraCopy (Windows),

cfhellemons 2 years ago 0

As a long-time user of TeraCopy (Windows), I'm frustrated. After a new installation I downloaded the at that time most recent TeraCopy. Running it, I noticed unexpected, quite a few changes. A different behaviour. Eventually I got used to it. Now, I had to install my Windows (and all other software) again. And again I downloaded the most recent TeraCopy, V 3.3. Again, I experience a totally changed TeraCopy. Now , running 2 or 3 moves/copies concurrently, I don't even know what actually is happening, what message refers to what etc. So, this version is for me a pile of rubbish. Unfortunately I can't see anymore which version I was running on the old installation. So... goodbye TeraCopy. You were great while it lasted...