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Write to multiple targets

areef rakhangi 1 year ago • updated by Lucille F. Parham 4 months ago 3

I want to know if there can be a product which will replicate a set of chosen files across multiple usb or location at one click. Projects engineering, video and data contained on a usb need to be sent out to multiple people. Copying them over and over is slow. Also if copying starts at one time the file neednot be read again and again from the source location and can be picked from memory. Multiwrite can a good name

just like synctoy of microsoft. but slower in copying of multiple files. it is faster to manually copy it with teracopy one by one.

Finally i realised that copying the same data onto two computers and then copying onto disks is better than anything else. I had issues with filling 32 gb usb which took 1.5 hours just to copy data of 32  gb to it. No point in breaking the head. share the data copy one usb first

then put in two to three usb and start bulk copying. insert theusb into some other computer and start the process