import source files from list

Ian 3 months ago updated by Aby Skaria 1 day ago 3

Sometimes I have to be able to copy specific files from my archival server to USB for a client, and being able to import a text file list of the source files (thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of files) into the move list would be great, with the option to set a source root folder, and maintain the subfolders from the file list as well.

Equivalent batch script syntax is ( superuser.com/questions/1236553/copying-files-with-certain-names-from-a-list )

Without wasting time and resources, teracopy anywhere must ascertain this response before the situation so happened will actually occur before I gave the specific click for transfer of my relevant files. I hope you will have time for my comment. https://ideas.codesector.com/communities/1/topics/262-teracopy-anywhere-but-everywhere

I agree with your request

An example case of use could be also in reimport filelist error from previous transfers to retry the copy

There can be specialized dashboard that highlight a hierarchical (may be tree roots) or distributed category that focus on a single folder (with alterations subsequently synchronized upon each request with a unique filter that add for respective categories for maintaining real-time changes recorded in my unique identity of each transferring devices, complementary giving us labels in history as suggestion where I can personalize this with individual or group priority, so that teracopy anywhere can sense this distribution for future use), helping me identifying the leakage of varying information silently in my re-imported filelist so that what i do with the later will be subsequently be modified through a supportive wizard. In this case my entire local area home network can sense the relevance of the transfer grid simultaneously giving me an opportunity where the resource transfer rate must be maximum to finish first. If I retry to make subsequent changes, what I have updated must be relevant for review like a msword file which has been updated from the silent history and I may keep everything in my cloud servers through teracopy.

When it comes to teracopy I must not finish leaving with cloud auto-stimulus where the priority will be a mechanism I can reinvent in the way I like to change the visualization of information using different express view from a single root folder that act like a data center giving a way for multiple situated planning. I need some way the cloud data science can be invoked for changes with teracopy through a single click that add less apps or no software but changing some labels renewed with tendency of changes will recapitalize the changes in the way I need. So the teracopy anywhere means actor for the next generation artificial intelligence for the platform whatever be will be one dashboard that need no changes but additions always without a chance to defend otherwise suspectable. Let me put forward the last questions before you again. Thanks.