Retry for files in error

Vittorio Sozzi 12 months ago updated by Aby Skaria 11 months ago 1

- Possibility to retry a file that was not trasfered due to error (i.e. with Right Click on File List)

If such file error is found, the usual situation is that the error is reported other than only that file goes into a temporary lock state. If there is such temporary lock stage that cannot be stalled, we will be able to transfer the same file effectuated from the end of the last transfer stage with just a simple click without cross imposing the stoppage of any other "data" and the reckoning exceptions will save more time. I have quoted data as it must be worked from an machine level instructions that is contained in the file that unleash this stage. I hope you have something more to add here. Please do comment in my blog too. https://ideas.codesector.com/communities/1/topics/262-teracopy-anywhere-but-everywhere