Resume a disconnected copy process if the prior process was premateurly terminated.

sgreeley 3 months ago updated by Code Sector 2 months ago 2

Suggest a feature: If you are copying large files to a remote network location, even over a VPN, and if the copy process was interrupted, such as due to a power outage, then later when you reconnect TeraCopy could give you the option to resume copying. TeraCopy already knows that if you copy the files again and paste them into the same network location that you previously copied to then those files match the files that are already at the destination. but the current options only let you restart the copy over or to skip. There is no option to resume where you left off.

Skipping identical files is pretty much resuming. TeraCopy has no other way to tell which files are already done but by at least comparing their hashes - which might take awhile.


In version 3.4+, just start copying again. Just make sure that 'Added' selector is on and 'OK' selector is off.