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Code Sector 3 years ago updated 8 months ago 5

Preliminary design of Status/Result tab. What information/buttons you'd like to see there?


I'm a little confused by the comments about status/results tab.  Are there going to be two tabs, or will it be status while transferring and change to results when complete?

I like what I'm seeing in the status tab image thats posted in the ORA board where it shows the speed.  What what I don't like is that in the results tab I don't see the transfer speeds.  I would really appreciate if in the status/results you would include what the average copy and verification speeds are after the transfer completes.  I used to be able to see that in the logs of version 2.3.

Right now I'm running v3.26 and I can see speed information during the transfer, but when come back after it finishes I cant find that information anywhere.  Even if I'm using the "large progress bar" once the transfer completes I see the historical speed graph, but there is no value as reference for what the transfer speed was.

Thanks for a great tool!


It will be one tab - Ora board shows already implemented functionality. The verification speed indeed is very useful, we'll add it soon.


Average Transfer Speed and Average Latency Please