GUI Dark / Light option or obey Windows Colour settings

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Please make sure GUI elements are always visible. I find Windows 10 and TeraCopy 3.26 (current stable) gives me unreadable text sometimes (Font colour = background colour). Eg on the File List Tab I cannot read "AutoScroll" checkbox label when I have high contrast colours enabled on the OS. Or offer a preference for GUI appearance eg Light / Dark. Thank you.

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I love TeraCopy, but I simply can't use it without a dark theme.  I'll stick with the built-in function in Directory Opus for now.  I'm constantly copying and moving files; I see the white TeraCopy window very often, and since I have customized all of my other software to be dark / black, the contrast of the white against black is very unpleasant.  Please and thank you.


Please add Dark Mode support to TeraCopy.   Big Thanks.

Yes please! As a Pro User, this is the only thing missing for me!


Windows 10 has very limited dark mode support. Currently styled: title bar, menus, buttons and combo boxes.

Then turn it on in Windows' settings - TeraCopy only does Dark Mode if your system settings tell applications to do so.