LTO / LTFS option

Alex Beyer 11 months ago • updated by ernest stephens 3 months ago 1

When using TeraCopy for restoring files from a LTO tape, formatted as LTFS, you're running into occasional timeout errors. With having a LTO option I hope one could avoid timeout errors ...


We are using TeraCopy for backing up ONTO LTO LTFS formatted tapes. Even the creation of the hash codes on verify runs fairly fast using TeraCopy. We see the transfer speed go up to 145 MByte/s.

However, TeraCopy turns out to be almost useless the other way around. When copying BACK from LTO LTFS formatted tape towards our local RAID/SSD storage, we get like 8 MByte/s, so less than 10%. Copying the very same file using standart Explorer copy function runs about 130 to 140 MByte/s again, but it will not run verification with hash codes.

Is there any option in TeraCopy which we might be trying to get this sorted out?

LTO LTFS and TeraCopy would be an insane combination if working always as smoothly as during backup operation.

I can help providing kind of "beta test" for new versions to deal with the tape restore correctly.

From other software vendors we found that the LTO LTFS appears to emulate a RAM disk device (Broken X Disk Manager, which we us to catalog our LTFS tapes including zip and 7z archives - making backup hell fast by storing big 7z files rather than thousands small files).

So if you take my offer to volounteer here, just contact me.

Axel Mertes