Cannot copy 4GiB to FAT32 drive - reads as "not enough space"

Lloyd Dunamis 2 years ago updated 1 year ago 2

Teracopy couldn't copy 4GiB files to FAT32 drives; The error "Target: There is not enough space on the disk", even though there is still plenty in the target drive.

These are PS3 backup files, and are sized at  4,294,966,784 bytes.

I can copy 4GiB-limited split WinRAR archives just fine (4,293,918,720 bytes), but not the PS3 backup's files.

format it in NTFS

Not an answer to the problem, sadly.
This does not explain why I can copy a file a teeny tiny bit smaller than what TeraCopy (of the version when I tried it) couldn't.
4,294,966,784 bytes   for the PS3 backup file,   VS

4,293,918,720 bytes   WinRAR-split archives.
4,294,967,295 bytes   for the 32-bit limit.

In addition, PS3 cannot read NTFS-formatted drives.

...Hmm. Now I'm asking myself, I don't remember if what I wrote up there is the "Size" or "Size on disk", if that matters.

Meanwhile, I don't know and cannot test atm if the latest version of TeraCopy has this fixed.