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Changing icons doesn't work on Windows 10

cultmethod 4 months ago 0

As title. On a fresh install of Win10 and I can't change the default icons after selecting a new ICO when double clicking.


Double click not working, misc adminitrivia

allanonmage 1 year ago 0

Longtime user of the software, I think it's great!

Sometimes, for some reason on some systems, the double click fails to activate the menu where the middle click works fine.  I came across this on a old and well used system with Windows 10, and on a fresh build of Windows 7.  Not sure why, but there isn't much info online about this software, and that also leads me to some administrivia.

The link for support on the DirectFolders website takes you to a different support forum that is no longer active, so you get a 404 page.  It takes you to for several different things.

Has this software been abandoned??? :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(


HDPI support

Julian Rabe 2 years ago 0

I guess the everything stands in the header. On a high resolution screen the direct folders menu is a bit blurred because it's up-scaled by windows I think.


Direct Folders for Mac and GNU/Linux

O_O 2 years ago 0

Changing default widths of columns in Windows File Save dialogs

M Andre Z Eckenrode 2 years ago 0

Would I be able to use Direct Folders Pro to change the default widths of columns in Windows File Save dialogs in Details view?


Direct folders and Total Commander

Lapet 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

Currently there are two ways to access to Total commander  direct folders. One is double click the drivers bar that contains also the storage free of the drive. That works perfect. But the one with the path of the current folder collides with Total commander own similar function. When double clicking sometimes appears one or the other and it is impossible predict what one.

 It would be better to have it only in the drivers bar or at least having a more predictable way to get one or the other menu in the path bar.

Tested with last version of both programs.