Direct folders and Total Commander

Lapet 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

Currently there are two ways to access to Total commander  direct folders. One is double click the drivers bar that contains also the storage free of the drive. That works perfect. But the one with the path of the current folder collides with Total commander own similar function. When double clicking sometimes appears one or the other and it is impossible predict what one.

 It would be better to have it only in the drivers bar or at least having a more predictable way to get one or the other menu in the path bar.

Tested with last version of both programs.

I found a workaround, after double click and appearing the DF menu single click the bar again or simply click 3 times and TC menu will appear.

Not sure if this is the official workaround or if this is anything stable yet (until I use it in normal use)