pause a transfer

Pausing a large transfer 11 months ago 0

Came across your software as I couldn't seem to find a solution for the feature I'd like.  Sometime i need to move large amounts files.  Some individual files 2-3TB in size (Final Cut Pro project packages) which can take hours.   It would would be great feature to be able to pause a transfer if for whatever reason you need to shutdown, and then pickup from where you left off.  Or if for some reason the computer shutdowns unintentionaly, be able to do the same and verify all was transferred completely.


Sanitize files names during copy? Some destinations don't like trailing spaces and other characters that may be legal on the source

eWhizz 3 months ago 0

Sanitize files names during copy? Some destinations don't like trailing spaces and other characters that may be legal on the source.

Any way to achieve this without renaming on the source?


Transfer from a SSD to Two HDD’s simultaneously (offloading camera media and backing up during a film shoot)

Daniel 1 year ago 0

This would be extremely useful. Currently we either manually use the OS or software like shotput pro. I would buy this for every computer if I knew it could make an offload and a backup copy to a separate hard drive simultaneously with little or no drop in speed performance. 

From what I saw it appears the software cannot do this right now...or am I mistaken?


TeraCopy for Mac Development

Schuyler Colfax, Jr. 3 weeks ago 0

Is the Mac version still actively developed? It doesn't seem like it has ever been updated. 


installation of the Finder.scpt easier or automatic for Finder integration.

Digitalgnome 2 months ago 0

Upon installation I think there should be a dialogue regarding the installation of the finder integration script.

Ideally I think it should be automatically download and install the script; or come with it pre-packaged.


Move files option i.e delete after verification.

Digitalgnome 2 months ago 0

I used to use the windows version to move files and make sure they had copied properly before deleting the originals. I think they should be a quick move option for macOS. Also quick action from finder.
I also think there should be options for the delete functionality - move to trash, delete properly and secure delete (for non encrypted disks and HDDs)


TeraCopy crashes

Janis Pipars 4 months ago 0

TeraCopy for mac crashes when more than one copying process in progress. It seems it happens close to verify phase.

I have the latest Mac Osx and TeraCopy 1.0.

I really love your product. Make it stable I will buy the pro version.


Red footage meta data reports

Owen 5 months ago 0

Detailed reports generated with thumbnails and Red footage metadata.


Rename Files by EXIF Data

Sky 8 months ago 0

I'd like to have TeraCopy automatically rename my video files, ie. C0001, C0002, C0003, etc, etc. by EXIF data for the files.

I'd like to easily add the EXIF Creation Date/Time to the files, ie. 2020.02.01_C0001, 2020.02.01_C0002, 2020.02.01_C0003, etc, etc, etc.

This could be done after copy and successful checksum verification.

There is a tool called EXIF renamer which I currently use, but that adds another step to my copy process.




Transfer the file with the tags

Stevans 1 year ago 0

I was moving my music library then I realize that it's moved without the tags, wish if you can add an option to move the file with tags.