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We're on 3.5 beta 2, better update to the latest version prior to reporting bugs.. 😉
Did you implement showing min/max/average?

You simply don't get it. Your hardware is - in part at least - crap. Having chosen it nonetheless in the first place and now complaining to get a software patched to remedy your hardware's faults, is nothing but ridiculous.

And now you even demand a patch, because, well, you've paid 20 bucks and that - of course - entitles you to demand even the most stupid features.

I'm not negative (admitted, the Seagate drives are crap to me), but honest: you chose bad hardware, it's your fault hence your responsibility to fix that than to request a useless feature.

Asus is just as "premium" as is Asrock or MSI. Seagate is just crap, especially since Samsung acquired them. Western Digital is the way to go. Besides, 4 TB drives can't cope with much data after their, relatively small, cache is full. Of course, if air flow is bad, heat will join the ride..

Anyway, requesting a feature to remedy bad equipment is just wrong.

 2 years passed, Win 10 is x64 only now. Are there any plans to switch TeraCopy to x64 (only), yet?

Skipping identical files is pretty much resuming. TeraCopy has no other way to tell which files are already done but by at least comparing their hashes - which might take awhile.

It's Tera Copy not Windows Explorer, you know? Besides, are you running in expanded or compact mode?
That's just because your USB drives have poor controllers not being able to cope with the source's speeds and/or the USB drives getting too hot - again due to being poorly designed regarding their heat dissipating capabilities.

I'd rather highly recommend you to get better USB drives than arguing about a bug that's not within Tera Copy, but within your USB drives.
Win 10 Pro 20H1 here.. Nope, neither flagged nor any other warning.

As a Pro user, I'd _happily_ even pay another 5 or 10 bucks if this would be implemented.

Done as a plugin, future monetization (of the Pro version) would be possible and honor the development costs such a feature caused.