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While there's even a drop with NVMe based flash storage, IMHO that can be ignored sometimes, e. g. transferring a couple of big files and way more small files to the same target disk.

Maybe an UI switch, defaulting to off, would be sufficient to fulfill both types of users.

Anyway, I'm supporting your request for faster transfers - TeraCopy should, at the very least, be nearly on par with Windows's internal copy routine.

The more, one does show you how wrong you act, the more you seem to misunderstand. Oh, boy..

I''ll try it a last time, just to counter your accusations:

- Your questions aren't innocent. They prove your childish acting: you're impatient, your stubborn and you demand something from someone while you don't even show support for his work in the first place.

- If Oleg doesn't answer, there's a reason: he's got another job, other task or may he's on vacation. Nobody knows. TeraCopy worked and works for years: I bought Pro about 10 years ago just to support him, because I hadn't any commercial usage scenario at the time. Nobody - except you - demands instant answers here. Oleg will answer and release when there's a need for it. Meanwhile, its superb software just works.

- Stop crying and deal with reality: there's no forum. It would require moderation and Oleg surely has his reasons for not providing one. There's a support ticket system and if you don't receive a reply, there's a reason (see above), period.

- Glad, you finally admit my link points a) to their homepage and therefore b) to the answer for your question. So, now I get your bullshit about me making a secret out of (un-) buffered file transfers: I stated that since TeraCopy is no OSS, its actual code (and hence actual implementation) remains unknown. I can't even express how arrogant and "hit in the face-worthy" I find your demand for a reply within 1 week. Did you pay for it? No! Do you have any right to demand something from Oleg? No! Does this legitimate you to call such an awesome software abandoned? No!

- So, you (once again) claim to be of knowledge about buffers. How can you even dare to separate memory buffers from Windows' cache? Windows has a mystical secret buffer in the unknown depths of its kernel, or what? Boy, get your knowledge right, then come back here - for apology that means.

- CodeSector is a (small) company, run be Jeff Freeman who named himself Oleg back in the Google+ days. Abusing a brainstorming platform for FAQ-related question is simply unacceptable, period. What you can say? Well, for a start, you could apologize for the abuse, delete your "idea" as it just messes up a great place and then either wait for a reply or research for CodeSector's mail address and write him a plain mail. But leave out all your crying about "waiting a week for a reply" as it's just embarrassing.

- If "99% of the software sites" do, then I welcome you to the other 1%; although that (again) seems quite ridiculous in our days of GitHub; TeraCopy is so perfect, it simply needs no big FAQ or even a forum: you install it, set 1 or 2 options to your different liking and from that moment on, you simply use it. It's almost unbelievable to which amount you blow such an (already answered) question out of proportion.

- Did you _ever_ though about CodeSector not doing this for money and selling TeraCopy Pro (like in professional) for compensation of domains, servers, traffic, etc.? Oh, I guess, your whole world crashed now. Sorry for that.

- If you quote me, then do it correctly (or ask for further explanation, if you can't understand it)! I wrote you need a licence in case of commercial usage of TeraCopy. But then again, you using TeraCopy professional is something I can't imagine, because that would require you to be dealing with software professionally in the first place.

- I'm no "moderator", but instead a user; not like you of course, because I a) honor CodeSector and love TeraCopy for years now. Again, I won't do your homework and it's definitely not you who decides what people do in their (spare) time. If you can't delete your "idea", we'll have to wait for Jeff to decline it.

Regarding your replies:

- While that might be true, this sub-site is still the wrong place for questions. You should submit a support ticket, if your questions aren't answered.

- I didn't even intent to be "positive". I found your whole "idea" rude and disrespectful and I hoped my reply would indicate that. To me, you seem like a stubborn child, just trying to push it's will upon others.

- My link exactly _does_ point to how "technically they perform" as I even quoted the relevant statement; besides, it's not open source software (yet), hence nobody can (and CodeSector probably never will) tell you how exactly TeraCopy works. While you seem to ask technical specifications, you seem unable to understand what "dynamically adjusted buffers" really means. Therefore, I suggest you switch over to Google and Wikipedia, get yourself the proper knowledge about memory buffers and then the question will be answered all by yourself. I won't do your homework, period.
- So, you're claiming you read (almost) the whole website? Then, why didn't you click "list" at the top (or the smaller slide-in menu at the upper-right corner), just to find the last acitvity is from August, 14th and therefore just a couple of weeks ago?

- Of course, I'm not with CodeSector as I'm not Oleg. He responds as "CodeSector" and I thought you'd know that already. You only need to buy a licence if you're using the program commercially. Also, what easier place do you expect than submitting a support ticket? Seriously, how can you claim to "run [your] own software" and also be almost being a DAU? But please, go ahead and regard TeraCopy abandoned as that'll make it easier for us all regarding you.  

Lastly, I don't even care about your childish "thumb down" comments. I'm neither here or elsewhere to get likes for what I do or say.

Maybe you want to reconsider this as even Microsoft clearly stated that future versions of Windows will be x64 only.

Nothing TeraCopy can do when your archive software explicitly calls Windows' shell copy routine(s).

Maybe you ask the archive software's author(s) for a change?

Already done, see (column "Released"). But maybe it's only available in TeraCopy 3.3 beta right now.

Just register it as system copy handler. See the product page for details.

First of all, this website is about new and/or enhancing features of TeraCopy, not a FAQ. The latter can be found over at

Second, regarding your questions:
- No Internet connection required, since licence is stored in a local file.
- Copying is done faster due to "dynamically adjusted buffers" as stated on CodeSector's website.
- Are you kidding? See

Hence, 👎 for your "idea(s)".

Already done, see (paragraph "File verification"), stating:

"Supported algorithms: CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, Panama, Tiger, RipeMD, Whirlpool and xxHash"