Your comments

There should be lot of activity I am doing online so I must have not only shortcuts but responses that are active for everything I will do with such shortcuts in a real time environments. Like shortcuts can be a desktop shortcut or a blink of my eyelids. I hope you have time for my blog.

When next destination is selected and this is a single file with extra larger space, teracopy must ask if we like to split the file realtime so that later the user can merge it using the both the external harddisk. I hope you have time for some comments in my blog.

While errors come out of a post-specific activity must be rolled out as there must be a visual dashboard that gives the likelihood for such inconsistencies. At least all the time I want to ignore such details, I hope you can solve this issue if this visual dashboard will be active always whatever I must copy with utmost priority.

May be I am given a reference for all the files copied or moved like a networked tree status that can be screened for my future use within a simple dashboard. I hope you will have time for my blog.

It may be one unique preference for users who use teracopy if they want to use this specifically as moving a windows root directory hidden files will make my system unstable without teracopy giving me a predefined proactive response for my activity here. I hope you will have time for my blog.

There must be specific command format what I can give while reopening the teracopy specific command line. Here there will be universality of command formats specific to my private credentials and it is user tailored and customized for references. I hope you will have time for my blog.

May be I can make teracopy to scheduled each file transfer when there is space restrictions that will be validated and spanned within the daily routine dashboard teracopy will develop in future. I hope you will give some comments for my post.

More details like the personal identification private code that is responsibility each time and unique for every person varying every 3 seconds must make a situation seem unending with the time and detailed responses you have specified will be added good initiative for making the best out of teracopy. I hope you will have time to comment on my post.

May be teracopy must evaluate all the functionalities of its response whether copying or moving compatibility for larger files by evaluating every connected response before it starts its functionality and even these must be regulated before I login with my credentials on my system. For guests system, this is not a needed approach. This will minimize what even verification cannot spot as a error. Helping the individual know what is the best to be done at such situations. Please do respond for my post.