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what version is the captured in?

This would be a nice feature too.  You can do it as it is now (see below) it's just not as "friendly" to setup, and is more time consuming that it probably needs to be with a proper Sync Command.  I have found that I really want this feature because I'm always in a situation where someone has tried to copy stuff with the windows command and a file was locked, or they have multiple folders and we need to consolidate\deduplicate to a new drive\location.  (deduplicate would be awesome too by the way)

I'm currently using the Copy command to achieve that, skipping all files that are named the same, with verification turned on I run a verification on the list after the copy completes. It asks if you want to verify the skipped files too (yes).  It then give you a list of checksums that match or don't match. Then you copy those files over and re-run the entire list to verify that they all match.  Then Print\Export the csv.  Again, not as neat and clean as a proper sync command, but it does work.

If there was a way to retain the source directory\file structure as well that would be ideal.  This is one of those features that you don't want to HAVE to use... but when you are stuck in that situation, this feature is a god-send.

Average Transfer Speed and Average Latency Please

Speed is good, I'd love to see latency too.  If that second progress bar would have the ability to plot the line graphs like the current graph: