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Your last sentence is lapidary: 

"it has lost all simplicity and functionality and is illegible."

Totally agree.

It would be a nice idea to have a client/server structure so that if a remote instance of teracopy is active, the file checksum verification would be done by the remote instance, instead of transferring the file through network again just to check the remote file. Only checksums should be communicated end to end.

But you should know that there's no way of launching Teracopy on remote machine when copying files, as it is done by the windows handler locally, not remotely.

If the program developer creates a service that listens to this type of connections, then some features could be newly implemented. Of course firewalls will need to be adjusted to allow this.

It is worse on "huge screens". It makes me feel that I wasted my money by buying a bigger monitor (in resolution) and see that I can really display less information than a decode ago with a smaller one.

Hello Jim.

I can assure you that version 2.x keeps timestamps. How can it check to overwrite or skip "older" files when copying if not?

Otherwise it would have been a very nasty bug. Every (good) copy program I know of preserves timestamps.

If you can, test version 2.x and check.

I'm constantly making backup of files onto bigger disks and all my files reflect the original timestamps from decades ago... even when using UNC paths.

Yes, please. DO!

I would be eternally grateful.

That's another reason why I still use version 2.x.

It is totally compatible with W10 1909.

The other main reason is the totally awfull 3.x GUI.

Old 2.x interface shows way more information about files and in less space than new 3.x interface. File list wastes too much space. I still use 2.x version just for that single reason. Where  2.x shows 10 files, 3.x show only 6 or 7 at most.

Tabs over file list are a waste of space too.

In an era of WIDE monitors and screens, is a nonsense to occupy and waste space vertically, when there's more space horizontally.

If a touch GUI is a must so that items should be surrounded with lots of blank space just for anyone pressing on the right place (not my case), then there should be a "condensed" GUI for not touch enabled devices where INFO is the relevant thing to show.

Touch devices and small screens are just a scourge for relevant info and GUI development.

If a program is able to turn your antivirus off without user intervention, it should be considered very dangeruos, don't you think so?

If you turn you antivirus off for file copying and you keep working with your computer, for browsing, for an instance, it should be considered very dangerous, don't you think so?

Please, tell Microsoft to not doublecheck files that have already been checked, just by the simple event of copying them to another location. A smart antivirus should know when a clean marked file is being copied from one location to another, if common windows handlers are used. This leads me to a question: as TeraCopy is not a common windows handler (is a 3rd party one), how does the antivirus know that a virus is not being injected as it is being copied? Just by checking it when copied. Don't you think so?

If you do not agree with the simplest security methods, just disable them.

If you know what, when and why you are doing things, you do not need any reminders, as you should know already the risks of your actions.