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Several suggestions (and issues), if addressed could (greatly) enhance the user experience

Let the user drag folders into 'Oranize favorites' in DF configuration.Currently you can drag a folder into 'Origanize favorites' but it does notget properly recognized thus showing an empty path and caption. Let the user add FILE items (shortcuts, exe, bat, etc...).Selecting that file item then runs itA way around this is by setting a folder as 'Show content', but dragging an file item into 'Oranize favorites' would be much faster/efficient.The online help doesn't seem to work, an error page is shown404 Not Found -> https://help.codesector.com/links/direct-foldersWhen right clicking on the systray icon and selecting 'Online help'A system global hotkey that activates DF menuIn 'Oranize favorites' add folders directly from- top opened folder in windows explorer- from filemanager (TC / Dopus)This would require an extra button called 'add from topmost active'.For example if the button 'add from topmost active' is clicked then DF checkswhat is the topmost window behind DF, if it is TC then fetch the path from TC.Let user add commands under 'Commands' menu itemIn Configuration > Options > disable the hotkey actions for 'Favorites' and 'Recent'Currently this is not possibleExclude drives/folders from being tracked in history/recentA modifier that let's you 'Show content' content of an menu item (folder).Currently you can only do this when the radiobutton 'Show content' is selected.A modifier is a key like [SHIFT] for example. If [SHIFT] is pressed while double clicking it then activates the DF menu and selecting an item from the menu now shows content!OPTIONALLY: set a third radio button next to 'Open' and 'Show content' called 'Modifier'. When 'Modifier' radiobutton is selected the user could then select an modifier/modifier combination. For example the user adds a new menu item 'test' which refers to c:\test. Selecting the radio button 'Modifier' and then selecting [SHIFT]. Now when the user selects the menu item 'test' while [SHIFT] is pressed will now show the contents of the menu item 'test' in stead of opening it.A proper portable version, currently there is an portable versionhttps://support.codesector.com/en/articles/8789963-portable-version-of-direct-foldersBut that version requires you to run an bat file which copies to appdata folder.A version that runs 100% from the DF folder itself would be very welcome

r0n 22 days ago