Save checksum to custom storage location

Teracopy is one of the tools that is always open and constantly running different jobs, both checksum testing and file copy between many different internal, local and external locations.

One thing that has bugged me for quite some time is that I need to manually copy checksum files from either target or source folder. Could we have the option to store the checkum files in a custom location? The options I could really use are:

  1. Naming scheme on file (i.e.: $SOURCEDIR_$TARGETDIR_DD.MM.YYYY.sha256

  2. Option to select if the path inside the checksumfile should be absolute or relative.

  3. Option to allow it to store one checksum file per file copied or per subfolder, then with naming scheme set to $FILENAME_DD.MM.YYYY.ext, this could also potentially be extended to allow sub folder creation by setting this:

    $TARGETDIR/$JOBNAME/$FILENAME_DD.MM.YYYY.ext which then will create a folder named after the target folder, then after the current job and store each checksum file for a given file copied.

  4. Option to not save:

    ; SHA-256 checksums generated by TeraCopy


    or allow us to customize it (using predefined shortcodes like $filename, $jobname, $profilename and more), I could then interface with these files programatically elsewhere.

A natural place for these options could be this dialog:

Is this something that is feasable to do?

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About 1 month ago


Ole Aldric

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